If you are looking for free lancers for your chat or company, please e-mail us at wow@worldonlinework.net.
We have a database with tens of thousands of free lancers willing to do your online tasks.
Next to that we have a large social media network to support that and find the one(s) you need, such as a coach or supervisor, trainers, promoters, profile writers, operators, moderators and translators.
We are also able to quickly set up a complete team to support the management of your company and take over tasks like processing statistics, taking care of all the invoicing, do the payments, quality check your traffic and test and train operators to set up your operator team.
We never make use of subcons, studio's or agents which may lower the quality and we have a large international blacklist of people you would rather not have working for you.
We also have our own SQL based database in which we can register anything you wish: if your operators are active or inactive, blocked or on study leave, which mistakes they made, if they have been fired or blacklisted, new applicants, training appointments, operator details, you name it.
We can give you and/or your supervisors access to the system with specific rights, so everything is completely transparent.
World Online Work is a chamber of commerce registered company.