SA Spiritual Chat Information


Monthly (calendar month)
Earnings per messages or reading:



6 euro cent

Medium message

16 euro cent

Spam message

16 euro cent

General reading

1 euro

Future reading

1 euro 75

Love / Relationship reading

2 euro

Tarot reading

2 euro 25

Photo reading

2 euro 50

Aura reading

3 euro

Weekend bonus: no
Evening/night bonus: no
Monthly bonus: no

Paying party: LAMR.
Period: monthly, first week of the month.
Minimum for payment: 100 euro (if less, it will be rolled over to the next month).
Invoice: monthly (4 or 5 weeks).
Minimum payment if you quit the job or get fired: depends on your country of origin (if the banking costs for your country are higher than your balance, paying is useless).
For FAQ about identification, banking and costs, see our information pages under the menu: 'INFO'.

There is no fixed target in numbers for this company. Readings take more time than messages and it also depends on the traffic flow. However you are supposed to do as much possible and also help out where you can. Pokes may pay way less but if there are many, you are supposed to do your part, besides, good pokes can generate traffic and that will benefit you too.
In case you can't work for a while, you are supposed to inform the company. You do this up front when possible (study, holiday and such) or right away (i.e when sick) and never after.

There is another spriitual site, which is available, the MR Astro Medium chat. It has some traffic in English, but not that much. Once the SA chat starts offering English traffic as well, you can combine the both for more traffic

It is of no use to apply for this chat if you do not have a real background in the spiritual department. This can be many things: Tarot, shamanism, numerology, wicca, new age, astrology and horoscope or even being a general life coach. It can be one of these things or more, as long as you are able to give our clients a true quality answer, based on your knowledge. In other words, you must be a professional.

Because your background can be many things it is impossible to design a test for this job. Of course there will be a training and the will check the quality of your answers.