MR Medium chat

For this chat it is necessary that you have specific knowledge in the field of spiritualism, or that you are a medium or a life coach.
This can be anything like Zen Buddhism, shamanism, new age, wicca, tarot and so on. As long as you are able to give the customers a true quality answer based on your own knowledge and specialism.

  • Pokes 4 euro cent
  • Medium message 16 euro cent
  • Horoscope message 16 euro cent
  • Spam message 16 euro cent
  • Reading (general) 1 euro 50

Status: hiring closed for the moment
Important: once the SA chat (see below) becomes available in English (this will be soon), you can combine both chats.

SA Spiritual chat

The new version of the MR Medium chat, with expanded options for readings (general, photo, love/relation, aura, future and tarot readings).
Status: hiring closed for the moment